One Final Thought

As I was signing off, I suddenly thought back to the gruelling pre-transplant chemo treatment. It was awful. But as they say… you remember the good things, not the bad – and here we are four years later and I have almost forgotten the nastiness of it all. So I thought I would post a pic of one of my lists of chemo treatment. (This was at Southampton, I had already had two intense courses at St.Richards).

You can see, I ticked it off every day to help me count down each day and keep focussed on a positive outcome.

It was a bit daunting, but it can be done! If you suddenly find yourself faced with such an intimidating list – you know where to find me, so get in touch – even if you just want a bit of reassurance. Patient or partner/family member etc. Having gone through it, I am convinced it’s harder for your loved ones to watch the experience…


Signing Off

Hi you lovely lot!!!!

As promised, here is the close of my blog. It has been a major challenge, but I have had amazing support from you all!!! So… in true Award Ceremony style… I just need to do a few thankyous!!!!

Dr Simpkin – for recognising there was something wrong in the first place
Dr Janes – for diagnosing it. Enjoy your retirement πŸ™‚
Viv Richards – specialist haematology nurse – who dealt with Zig and me after the ‘shocking’ diagnosis, for the ongoing support afterwards.
Jane Cochrane – my gorgeous donor, sister, supporter and bloody brilliantly she was an exact match!!!
Donna Michelle – nurse and confidante. We just chatted, and chatted, about so much girlie stuff.
The Fernhurst Centre at St. Richard’s in Chichester. Amazing people, such fantastic care, dedication, and let’s be honest… patience!
Dr Rob in Southampton – for looking about 12 and getting it right!!
Debbie Richardson who was my initial Consultant in Southampton, and Kate Hill, another amazing Southampton Consultant who looked after Jane initially and me afterwards, with such good humour and dedication… I loved our common interest in clothes and fashion!
Joan Newman BMT CNS
Nikki McKeag BMT Lead Nurse
And Darren – a truly amazing supportive nurse on the ward in Southampton while I was locked away for five weeks.
The whole of C7 – you know who you all are, Lisa Fisher, Hannah Watson etc
Zig – for being at every complicated appointment and explaining it all. I’m sure he’s now fully qualified.
The whole of Chichester Cancer team, the Southampton Bone Barrow Transplant team, and Billingshurst surgery for dealing so well with me!!!
Henry for visiting and making me laugh, so much, and Charles for driving me backwards and forwards.
Ian Armstrong – personal trainer, who has got my fitness back and showed me HOW to exercise!!!

Anyone that needs to chat or ask questions about this disease please call me or email, as I am now a mentor for leukemia care and Blood Wise and always happy to chat. It’s a bastard disease, but we are winning the war and you can get better. A word of advice though… it doesn’t matter how shit you feel – do what they ask you to do! Keep your shoes on, drink lots of water, etc etc. They know what they are talking about!!

I am now well, I have to take penicillin (to my annoyance) twice a day for the rest of my life and I have been left with one lung only inflating half way, but I am cured, thanks to the team above and my darling sister for having the right blood cells for me!!!

As you probably have all seen, (and by the way if you’re bored of me on FB just defriend or unfollow – I will understand), we are attacking life with gusto and not wasting a minute and are moving on to another venture!! You never know what’s around the corner, and we have one life… SO LIVE IT!

Love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx