Three Years

I haven’t been here much lately, but I get the odd reminder on Facebook that it’s been three years since my diagnosis and transplant and I can’t believe it!

There were days when I never thought I would feel well again, but now it seems so long ago and I feel great! We did a funny little video trailer to amuse ourselves, so I thought I would put it up here too – just to prove… you can have a life after leukaemia! 🙂

The video has sound which we think makes it funnier, so turn on your speakers! xx

One thought on “Three Years

  1. So glad you are doing amazing, I remember you from the waiting room at Southampton on clinic days and have been following your blog on and off, it’s great. You always looked so well and we’re an inspiration that this doesn’t need to completely take over your life. ( although it did a lot of the time) . I was there with my husband every week xx

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