23rd July – Billingshurst

Have had a fabaroony day today with my sis, swimming, sunbathing and eating healthy gorgeous grub!!! Now back down to earth with a huge thud!!!!!

Nil by mouth from midnight, up at 5.30, Southampton by 8.30 then theatre to have a ‘Long line’ (STCVC) inserted in my neck through a vein towards my heart!! For giving intravenous chemo, blood, merlot etc!!! Then home until Tues when I go back for all the big stuff to start happening!!!! Love you all for your huge support and kindness!

2 thoughts on “23rd July – Billingshurst

  1. Wishing you all the best – I take my hat off to you and your courage. Keep smiling lovely lady and give a hug to Guy who also seems so positive and supportive. Methinks the two of you will beat this together! Xxxx

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