Line Insertion

I have decided that Facebook is a bit of fun and fantastic communication, but my blog is going to be nothing held back, as you have decided to look!!

Today I had a line inserted through my neck and chest, so all chemo, drugs and blood products can be administered intravenously!! Which in the long run will be brilliant!!! Didn’t sleep last night as nervous, scared and worried! Arrive at Southampton at 8am and find haematology day unit, which is bloody lovely as all new (only been opened 10 months) Nurses (as always) so kind, I think you have to be a certain type!!

All scrubbed and gowned up I am off in a wheel chair to???? Was not prepared for what happened next!!! On the 2nd floor was met by the doctor who was going to do procedure and explained ‘could stab my heart’ etc and I sign form of consent, I am then wheeled onto operating theatre, I think FFS and cry a little, everyone is masked, gloved and gowned and I am placed on the operating table with the X-ray machine above, I am scared! A nurse disinfects me and along comes the doctor with his hands in the air (just washed) my gown is pulled down one side to reveal most of my chest and I hear that bloody saying ‘small sharp prick, local anaesthetic going in’ it actually is a ‘giant, painful, stab’, now quietly crying again and nurse holds my hand and takes blood pressure for the 3rd time!! Then I am prodded and asked (bit like the dentist) ‘can you feel that Lucy?’ I reply ‘no I am fine’ I am thinking of course I can!!! Then it starts there is pulling, tugging and pushing! Bloody horrible I wish I had been asleep!! That was not an option! I am holding onto the bed to steady myself and moaning!!!! Eventually finished and X-ray taken! I am shaking, rolled onto a bed and delivered back to a friendly but shocked Zig!!! I think I deserve a ‘Brave Girl’ sticker! Am home and in quite a bit of discomfort, but, hey, it’s done and another step forward!!!

Anything to say?

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