The best news all year!!!!!!

For Andrew: The results are in, I am much better now thank you!

For everyone else… The results of the tests from the past few weeks are in, and I am disease free!!! No leukemic cells!!!!

I now have 90% Jane’s bone marrow and 30% of my immune system back. 90% is great for this stage but they are going to give me a top up of Jane’s lymphocyte cells on 9th December, just to get me a leg up to 100% HER, and this should help prevent the chances of it happening again!! The 30% immune system is all ‘memory’ which means I should now be safe from the illnesses and infections I have had before, although I still have to be careful.

So in answer to everyone’s question ‘has the chemo and transplant worked?’ YES IT HAS and I have my life back, THANKS Jane!!! And to all of you, supporting me and encouraging me on, I can’t tell you what it has meant!!! As what I have been through, I wouldn’t wish on anyone!! Whilst I am doing my Thank You Speech I would also like to thank Zig, as he has been to all of my appointments with me and held my hand every step of the way! I think, at times it has been harder for him! Thanks bebe!!!

I did manage to ask the question ‘will I be able to have a glass of red at Christmas? And the answer… POSSIBLY!!!!! I am taking that as a defo YES, The Kings Arms, Billi, here I come, Christmas Day!!!!!

I’m still not allowed out for lunch for dinner, but I can have fish and chips from the chippy!! I am definitely ‘on the up’! xx

9 thoughts on “The best news all year!!!!!!

  1. Yaaaay! No words to say how chuffed I am for you!! You bloody deserve that glass of wine after all you’ve been through – big ‘cyber’ hugs for you and your lovely fella, not to mention your wonderful sister too!! We’re on our travels at moment and just got to Spain after a long day on the road so I am now going to pour a glass of vino and raise a glass to a very brave lady. Xxxx

    • Thanks Julie for all your lovely encouraging comments over the last few months!!! Enjoy your travels and would love to meet up for drinkies in the new year with your hubby and guy xxxxx

  2. Fantastic news!!! Have the best Christmas ever!!!!
    Sending love to you and your amazing family and wishing you only good things for 2015 and evermore. Xxxxxx

  3. Haven’t seen you in a long time but only heard that you hadn’t been well recently and really glad to hear that things are now on up!!!!!

  4. What brilliant news just in time for Christmas – well done & keep it up; don’t go too crazy until you get the go ahead (boring I know, but necessary for us Leos to be told!!). Will keep my fingers crossed for the go ahead for that Yuletide drink 🙂 xx

  5. Hi Lucy, haven’t seen you in a long time! Your blog popped up on my FB wall as someone I work with knows your partner! I am sorry to hear you have been so ill but happy to see that you have come through it so well… Hope your boys are well, mine are! I lost touch with Fenella too, don’t know if you still see her? X

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