The Chaplain!?

I’ve just had a visit from a volunteer, to see if I would like to book a meeting with the Chaplain??!!

“Why?” I asked, “is there something you know that I don’t?”
“No”, she said “it’s just if you wanted someone to talk to about your condition.”

Very politely I replied, “I have a team of consultants, doctors and nurses at a press of a button, 3,900 hits on my website, 70 timeline messages, 20 voice mail messages, 35 private Facebook messages, and my sister is on her way!”

“Oh, you seem fairly busy”, she said, ” I won’t book you in.” And then she proceeded to tell me her problems!

Perhaps that’s part of the therapy to make me feel better 😉

2 thoughts on “The Chaplain!?

  1. Hi rich, she turned to leave with her clipboard and then turned to me and said ‘my daughter and grandchildren are coming to visit tomorrow from The Channel Islands, I am very excited’ oh I said ‘I know Jersey well she then said ‘oh but they Have big problems as they have the other mother inlaw living with them, so we have to stay in a hotel and I have thrombosis of the …… I then quickly interrupted and said ‘well enjoy tomorrow, bye’

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