Feeling crap…

It’s now five days since the transplant and I feel totally wiped out and crap. We had laughed at the seat below the shower when I first moved in to my little prison, but today I had to make use of it! I feel 90!

Anyhow, sorry for the lack of updates. It’s all I can do just to have a glance at Facebook for a few minutes, but I don’t feel like interacting with anyone. They have told me I am a model patient, and that everything is going as expected – well apart from the fact they couldn’t ram the feeding tube up my nose – and that sleep is good. So, apart from the odd visit from Jane and Zig I really haven’t done much else.

Apparently today is the low point and things get better from here. I am once again neutropenic so fully expect some odd infections, as long as I don’t look like bloody Elephant Man again! At least I am an in-patient this time and they will jump on anything untoward very quickly.

I am still amazed that I am here going through this, but they are already checking to see if my blood group has changed yet so things can move on.

Thanks for all the messages of love and support – I will be back full flow as soon as I can be arsed!! 😉

2 thoughts on “Feeling crap…

  1. Hello lovely lady. Great to read your update and well done for posting it when u feel so crappy. Hopefully things will start to get a little better soon and sorry u have been feeling so pants. Take care sweetie. Jan. Xxxx

  2. You poor poor thing! Can’t even begin to imagine how bad you feel and am amazed that you are posting anything at all. Really do hope that this could be the turning point for you – hang on in there and keep your positive hat on as much as poss. Hugs sent from afar (hope we can meet for a real hug sometime!). Xx

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