Zig’s Update

Lucy has had so much amazing support and lovely messages… so thank you everyone who has bothered.

Sometimes it can take an hour or two a day to tell well wishers how things are going, and as she is so quiet I thought this might be a good place to give anybody interested a little update.

The transplant went well last Thursday and Jane was amazing. They had all the stem cells they needed and then some more, which will help with the immune system. Since then all the blood counts have dropped and she is now neutropenic once again which means she cannot fight infection – even when it comes from her own body. This is quite normal and was totally expected, but it does mean she has developed sores and ulcers in her mouth and throat, which will stay until the counts come up. There also seemed to be a little wobble from the kidneys yesterday, but the ultrasound this morning shows all is ok in that department.

She is currently constantly on two or three bags of IV drips at any one time. Some meds, some fluids, some nutrients, some blood, and some pain killers. She is also on morphine for the pain in her throat, so – all in all – she is feeling pretty crap this week and not very chatty. Apparently she has even given up watching Corrie and browsing FB so we know it’s bad!

The good news is that she now has Jane’s blood group which is a good sign, and the medical staff – who are astonishingly brilliant – are all very happy with the progress and say she has been a model patient!

So thanks again for all the support – I’m sure she will come bouncing back sometime very soon!

Zig x (or Guy if you like!)

2 thoughts on “Zig’s Update

  1. Tell her I’m cheering her on from the sidelines. I remember it so well from your description. I used to receive text messages from friends & family, it spurred me on & made me smile or cry, but the last thing I felt like doing was replying. I’d wait until a ‘good’ day & do a few at a time. Please give her my love & remind her it’s baby steps.
    Hope you’re doing ok too Zig. Everyone forgets about the nearest & dearest.

  2. Dear Guy
    So glad to hear that all is going according to plan with Lucy…….but really feel for her and the tough times she is experiencing on her path to good health. Cheering her on from the sidelines and thinking of you all during this process.
    Much love, Carol xxx

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