Good News…

After a long week of feeling dreadful I have been given good news! Yeyyyyyyyyy!

The whole of the consultant and BMT nursing staff have been in and out of my cell today, with huge encouragement. The effects of the intense chemo has almost killed me, and I will never use that in fun again! I haven’t been able to swallow for a week, the pain has been too much at times!! But I have hung on with the support from you all, and especially Zig and my sis (seeing her in tears saying “I wish I could take away some of your pain”).

We have been waiting for my, with a little help from Jane’s bone marrow, blood counts to return – i.e. the white cells to comes back! And at last, there is movement ahead and I might start to feel a little better tomorrow… and do you know, the last thing on my list would be a bottle of Bolly, I just want a pint of water with ice and a straw!!!!!

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