‘Set Free’

Good Morning,

Sorry for the lack of blogging, but just haven’t felt up to anything!!!!!! I have been spiking a temperature for the last week and now the infection is finally here, not sure where yet, but all tests have been carried out and am off for an x-Ray in 10 minutes.

The consultants are extremely pleased with my progress and it is all normal (god knows what abnormal is?) my blood counts are excellent and continue to rise!!!

On a plus side, I am now allowed out of my room to wander the corridors of the ward (resplendent in my face mask), hence the title. But so far, because I have been feeling so shit, I haven’t quite managed that either, but I always feel a lot better after a good old chunder!!!!!

One thought on “‘Set Free’

  1. Again, great news Lucy (I think) – sounds horrific on one hand but very positive on the other. If it’s any comfort to you, anytime I’m feeling a bit shit or have something to moan about I now think of you and shut the f**k up! Keep positive you brave lady – def going to meet up for that drink and it def won’t be iced water!! Xx

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