It’s Been A While

We seem to have moved into a dull and frustrating phase of the recovery. It has been two weeks since my last update because, to be honest, bugger all has happened. I’ve had two visits to Southampton since I last wrote, and neither have thrown up any surprises or much to talk about. They are continually dropping my cyclosporine dose to give Jane’s bone marrow a better than fighting chance, and I am feeling ok – just bloody bored.

I am able to walk further each day without getting out of breath, but I am not allowed to go anywhere! I still have my line in so I still can’t drive, and even if I could I’m not allowed to go anywhere!! They said the biggest problem for me would be the frustration, and I hate to say it… but, once again, they’re right. The only bonus I can think of at the moment is that I still don’t need to buy any shampoo, and there’s no chance of a razor nick as I still have absolutely no need for any ‘intimate’ shaving 🙂

A few people asked how Jane dealt with the whole process and how she is feeling now. Well, before the transfusion she had to give herself injections for five days to promote the production of stem cells which she didn’t find much of a problem. She said her bones ached a bit, but the docs said that was because she was producing too much marrow! Anyway, on the day she couldn’t give the cells from the veins in her arms as they are too narrow. This meant she had to be hooked up through a couple of plastic tubes inserted in her groin. It sounds horrible, but she didn’t feel a thing and the only side effect was later when she came to see me and was walking like Frankenstein’s monster!

Once the medical team had worked out they had enough cells the plastic tubes were taken out and she immediately felt fine. She didn’t have to stay in hospital overnight, and had no side effects – so was completely back to normal pretty much straight away. I don’t think she has given it much thought since!! I did put up a couple of pics of us both as the cells were being put into me, which was immediately after they were taken from her, and she doesn’t look too unhappy does she?!!

the donorimage

Anyway – since then she’s been for a quick Spanish break, had a weekend away in Bournemouth, been out with the girls, and come to visit… which is when we impressed ourselves with our technical selfie expertise and took some photos just to show you she is still fine!!

Speak soon… xx

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