The weekly check up and Sir Roy.

Today has been my weekly visit to Southampton, and I am struggling to walk, lift anything, or sit down as I thought it would be a brilliant idea yesterday to do a ‘work out’, with my dear friend (personal trainer) Andrew!!!

I haven’t done any exercise, other than a few walks for a couple of months and am very weedy!! We didn’t do any aerobic stuff as didn’t want to pass out, and as my lung capacity is still a bit crap, so all lunges, squats, sit ups with a lot lighter weights than normal and for the first time in weeks I felt fantastic afterwards and am loving the pain!!!! Anyway didn’t dare tell my consultant what I had been up to, so hid my pain as best I could (see pic below, me walking with determination…)

The waiting room is packed with everyone that has had exactly the same procedure as me and we are all at different stages. Zig always comes with me and we have turned the visit into a bit of a laugh, as it is sooooo serious and everyone looks so miserable. Zig pointed out ‘do they not realise the NHS has spent 140,000 on getting them better and curing them, so you would at least think they look happy’!!!!

On the downside we asked if we could go to a friend’s birthday dinner on the 2nd November in a fab hotel and the answer was a BIG FAT NO! On the upside my line is coming out next Thursday and have been assured it will be easier than when it went in… which was 24th July when I cried and had to be consoled with a Costa and a Crunchie!

By the way, I watched the Pride of Britain the other night and just want to mention: I wouldn’t be here without this man!!! Thank you Sir Roy – from me and millions of others xx
Sir Roy Calne – resopnsible for the development of Cyclosporine

One thought on “The weekly check up and Sir Roy.

  1. Another very positive update and you look fab! Must be so hard for you after being so physically active before – I know I’m like a bear with a sore head if I don’t work out. Had a little scare my self the last couple of weeks as a lump was found after a routine mammogram. Had a biopsy and it came out all clear however, whilst waiting for the results and having ‘dipped my toe’ into the darkness of the possibility of cancer I can’t begin to say how much I admire you and your fighting spirit – you really are amazing!! Love and hugs to you and ‘hi’ to that lovely fella of yours. Xx

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