Big Day…

Big day today, as we’re off to Southampton for my weekly check up and to have my ‘line’ removed!!!! Let’s hope it is less painful coming out, than it was going in!! Another step forward in my recovery!

Will also be having a CT scan to see if my lungs are clear of pneumonia!! And the consultant will be letting us know the percentages of my bone marrow, last time I had 78% Janes and 22% mine. What it needs to be is 90 something % Janes!

Am feeling a little scared, but am going to regain some positivity on the journey there…and imagine that beach in Barbados!!!!!!

a barbados beach


2 thoughts on “Big Day…

  1. Bless you Lucy, thinking of you today and sending positive vibes for great news. Let us know how it goes. Big love lovely lady xxxx

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