Lines out!!!

A quick follow on from this morning’s post… I’m now home safe and sound!!!

I have 2 neat little stitches where the line came out, which took longer to be removed than I thought! A bit like skinning a fish, the body tissue grows into/around the  ‘cuff’ on the tube which is there to stop it sliding out, so there was a little pulling and tugging – and waving of a bloody scalpel! But the anaesthetic held up to it, with only a little top up half way through. 🙂  (And I still hate those needles)

Jane’s bone marrow percentage has risen to 84%, still not quite where it needs to be, but going in the right direction and my cyclosporine has been reduced again. By the end of next week I should be off it all together… Yippee! Apart from making me feel ill, (they say I never really got on with it), one of the side effects is hair growing where it isn’t wanted!!! And as I am not yet allowed to a have a lip wax, I am starting to get a shadow!!!!

I should get the results of CT scan next Thursday which, fingers crossed, could mean the end of the anti-fungal drugs, and I’ll also get the stitches out!!! Oh yes, and I can drive again now!

My consultants are really pleased with my recovery so far and have said I am ‘way ahead’. My next bone marrow biopsy is booked for 17th November which is all important as it will show the level of success so far.

All in all – quite a good day out really. I know there’s still a long road ahead, but I am feeling pretty good, and without the tubes sticking out of my chest I feel like I am getting back to being me again. xx

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