Have just got back from Southampton!!! Wow, I was emotional, unfortunately because of my immunity and T cells, I still have to attend the same clinic that I first went to on my release! So I was greeted by a que, just to check in! 46 people, the biggest clinic ever!! I should of felt happy, as I am in remission and a lot further ahead of most people in the clinic!! But just sitting there looking at all the lines (tubes), bald heads, sallow completions, masks and general fatigue! Was a horrific reminder of last year and I was trying hard not to cry as I had already blubbed in the car park, looking up at my room!!

After being weighed (I always say, ‘don’t tell me’) my number was called for blood!! As you may remember at one point they struggled to get my blood, as all my veins were hard, from the severe amount of chemo I have had! Today, however, I was like a tap!

On returning to my seat I struck up a conversation with various people and one asked me if I was Lucy Hart and they had read my blog and it had helped them through their treatment and thanked me, that put a smile on my face and then I met Colin and his wife who had also read my blog!!!

Debbie Richardson calls my name (one of my fav cons!!)

‘I do hope you have bought your holiday pics’, she says, ‘who carries round a pack of Photo Print?’ I say!! So I randomly produced some pics of Zig and a turtle and us doing a stupid dance! She looks bemused!!

Anyway on we go and she tells me that she is delighted with my progress and that I have 44% of Jane’s immune System and am building my immunity on my own so at the moment don’t need anymore of her cells!!! She explained the blood test today was to check my chimerism, which basically means, if that percentage has risen!!

Has still told me to be wary of children as still haven’t had MMR, which is so important! So next apt in a month and carry on with the medication and pentamidine! I long for them to say ‘your treatment is finished!’

Oh, by the way also been told to book a flu jab at my local surgery and to suggest, ‘could I have it done when it’s quiet?’ (To try and avoid, waiting in an infection filled waiting room) think the receptionist is going to dislike me intensely!!!

Anything to say?

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