The Journey…

It’s amazing to think it’s nearly two years since my diagnosis. What a journey! Until that point I had never given a thought to blood cancer, or bone marrow transplants. Why would I?? The closest I got was watching a TV drama called ‘Undeniable’, and thinking how amazing… a bone marrow transplant changes your blood group to the same type as the donor’s. Little did I know!!

The fine tuning is now taking place. I still have to go for regular check ups, and I still have to be careful about some things I took for granted before all this. But when I remember Dr Sarah Janes telling me, “You need a bone marrow transplant, and without it you will probably ony have three years left”. Wow – that stopped me in my tracks.

I know this will come as a surprise to many who know me, but this little post is really just to say: I have sort of had enough of talking about myself now. I am back to work, I feel a lot better, and I sort of want to move on and put my experience behind me!

That said – I love the fact that this blog has helped, and is still helping, people going through the same journey. And this is what I want to do now – try, where I can to help make a little difference to other sufferers and their fight. Please feel free to send me a message, or ask any relevant questions. But for now I am going to be quiet, unless – of course – there is anything specific to say.

Zig and I are also hoping to get something going that helps support bone marrow transplant patients a little more, so keep an eye open for that. If we get it off the ground you can be sure I will be back blabbing about that!!

So for now – once again – thanks for visiting, thanks for all the kind words and support. See you soon.
Lots of love… Lucy xxxx


One thought on “The Journey…

  1. Best blog of them all! Not much more to say other than Well F***ing Done for keeping that smile and that awesome spirit up all the way through – will look forward to hearing about yours and Zigs’ idea. Toasting you as I write this. Xx

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