Big panic! (For me anyway)

What a day!! It all started with Zig telling me I would be feeling better today as we have both had a nasty bug for the past week, but I didn’t. And he was the one with the doctor’s appointment at 8.40.

So off he went, leaving me feeling like crap, to see if he had picked up something worth investigating. To be fair, I had already been on Wednesday, and was given some monster antibiotics as they thought I have a bacterial infection in my left lung. The result – he’s ok, just needs more water and vitamin C, but he did manage to book me in with the lovely Dr Susan Simpkin for 11.20. She’s the genius who spotted my low white blood cell count in the first place!

So – we blocked her surgery for about 40 mins. I felt terrible for the poor people waiting, but this was NHS at it’s finest. When they need to move, things happen, and Dr Simpkins wasn’t taking no for an answer. She was on the phone to Southampton for advice immediately, and spoke to Debbie Richardson one of my fab consultants. Result – shipped off to see Jamie Wilson in St.Richards for in depth tests! Wee, saliva, blood, x-Ray, and what ever else they could find to fiddle with!

Long and short – they will call if there’s anything sinister but they don’t expect to speak to me any time soon. I have to have a pentamidine top up next week, but that was due anyway.

My biggest panic of the whole day was when Jamie turned round and said they had a bed for me but I should be OK to go home after one night. I think my face said it all, and he quickly changed his mind!

Anyway – home again now after ventolin nebuliser and a whole lot of prodding and poking. Fingers crossed they have nothing more to say, and my Whisky Mac turns out to be the only tonic I really needed.

Thank you NHS – where would we be without you? xxxx

Ventolin Nebuliser

4 thoughts on “Big panic! (For me anyway)

  1. Oh Lucy! I can remember that sheer panic that sets in. The first time you’re ill after all the other crap is so scary!
    Hopefully you’ll not get a phone call tomorrow.
    All the best with love
    Christine xx

    • Thanks Christine, no phone call yet!! Hate having to take more drugs, when I was only on a few!! I sound about 80, on 20 fags a day! You can hear my chest, just being in the same room!! Lots of love xxx

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